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14. Swerve - The Cali Connection Seeds, 70+ High Times Cannabis Cup Awards

August 11, 2020

On this episode of Traiblazin’ with Tara Misu I have Swerve founder of The Cali Connection which is second oldest supplier of seeds in America—and the oldest in California. Swerve is a champion of cannabis commerce whose goal is “to never be accused of a profit-over-product”. Which is something we definitely need more of right now. His mission is to provide true-bred strains to the general public, and more specifically, the medicinal marijuana community.


The Cali Connection provides product and comfort to more growers, seed banks, and ultimately patients then any other breeder of seeds in America. They have also won over 70 High Times Cannabis Cup awards using Swerve genetics, more than any other breeder.


The Los Angeles based wholesale company provides the world with only the finest cali-grown strains and it’s businesses like this that make California world-renowned for its cannabis genetics. He is also the potential future breeder of my very own Tara Misu strain!



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Instagram: @therealcaliconnectionseedco

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