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16. Harry Brelsford - Cannabis Author, Technology Educator, Founder of 420MSP & SMB Nation

November 10, 2020

High Friends, so I took a short break while we got cannabis legalized in NJ. Yay!!! This was a huge win for me personally, but I’m back now and legalization will definitely be discussed in upcoming episodes. Now today, this will be the first guest in an area I would love to see discussed more in cannabis: Technology. Really there is no part of the industry that it doesn’t touch in some way.


Today I have Harry Brelsford, an independent network consultant in Seattle, Washington. Harry is the founder of SMB Nation where he serves and mentors over 49,000 members who are Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and SMB technology consultants. He creates content and events such as webinars, workshops and multi-day conferences. 


Harry is the author of 21 books on technology and business topics as well as over 400-articles in biz and tech magazines such as Washington CEO, Colorado Business, Alaska Business Monthly, ChannelPro and Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine to name a few. It is understandable that Harry is an in-demand speaker at national industry events. 


Harry’s 20 years of SMB technology experience were supplemented by teaching 12+ years as an adjunct professor at Seattle Pacific University (where he is now a lead instructor for the online MCSE ATTP program). He also served as Dean in the Graduate School of Technology at Aspen University, where he was awarded a PhD in Letters.


An active entrepreneur, Harry is the force behind the Pocket MBA, Telephonation, Cloud Nation and His latest startup which we talk about today is 420MSP. Everyone should take something from this episode,  friends please welcome Harry Brelsford.



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