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17. Jason Thomas - Compliance and Risk Management for the Cannabis Industry QA, QC & cGMP

November 25, 2020

Jason is an established technology and compliance professional in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Medical Cannabis industries.  With over 19 years of regulatory audit, quality control, and technology risk management/compliance experience, he works tirelessly to keep his clients compliant and inspection ready.  Over the course of his career, Jason has traveled the world, multiple times over, auditing pharmaceutical IT operations, manufacturing facilities, and data centers, with the primary objective of ensuring that controls are appropriately implemented and systems/data are adequately safeguarded. He has obtained several professional audit and GMP certifications throughout his career to ensure that he remains on the forefront of the healthcare industry.  In addition to his extensive audit background, Jason has led and acted as a key stakeholder in many transformational IT initiatives; data center consolidations, acquisitions and divestitures/TSA PMO, blockchain pilots, and digital transformation/automation to name a few.  


In 2020 Jason established Precision Quality & Compliance, a life science quality and compliance group focused on servicing the medicinal cannabis and hemp markets.  Jason holds a MBA from the Stevens Institute of Technology as well as a B.S. in Computer Science from S.U.N.Y. New Paltz.  With a personal history of cancer and many other medical conditions affecting members of his family, Jason chose to work in the life science field with one goal – helping others life healthier lives!




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